Riebens Computers

Can you recover?

Might be time to consider having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.

Be ready for all types of disasters.

No matter what type of disaster you’re facing, we offer flexibility and reliability to help
you save the day.

DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service) architecture is transforming backup, disaster
recovery, and archiving with game-changing efficiency.

Riebens can help you with a data recovery plan that suits your business’ needs

Our cloud-first architecture stores your backups offsite by default, out of the reach of
ransomware on your network.

  • Standby Image
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • Targeted Recovery
  • Appliance—free local recovery
  • Automated recovery testing

Get a head start on recovery with a standby image

For the most demanding recovery-time objectives, proactively set up a standby image
and automatically send every backup to it to reduce your recovery time when it matters

Respond with bare-metal or virtual recovery

When disaster strikes, Cove helps you recover a full device to a virtual machine or to
new hardware—the choice is yours.

Meet stringent RPOs

We can perform automated backups as often as every 15 minutes to support
demanding recovery point objectives and minimize data loss.

Appliance-free local recovery

With LocalSpeedVault, you can recover files or full systems from a local storage device
of your choice or directly from the cloud

Save time with automated recovery testing

For one low monthly fee, Cove will automatically test your backups and provide reports
that validate recoverability.

Fast file-level restore

There’s no need to restore a full image just to restore one folder or a few files, and
routine restore tasks are easily delegated to customers or help desk personnel.

Stay out of the reach of ransomware

Backups stored only on your network can be vulnerable to ransomware. Take every
backup off-site first and store them in our private cloud to keep your recovery options

Break free from backup chains

Our journal-based architecture means that recovering from last year’s archive is just as
fast as from today’s backup, and there are no backup dependency chains to get in the
way of your recovery.

Local-first recovery

By using the optional LocalSpeedVault feature, all recoveries are done first from local
storage, only going to the cloud for any missing data. It’s the best of both worlds.

More restore points. Less storage

With local backup storage optional, if you choose to keep a second, local copy,
TrueDelta efficiency allows you to keep costs down by storing up to five times more
restore points on the storage you already have.