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The digital transformation of web portal creation affects how businesses communicate with their clients, partners, and staff. Web portals can be used by businesses to provide access to services, goods, information, and communication tools for target people as well as self-service functionality.

Web Portals For Your Business

A web portal is a secure online-based platform that offers access to a range of features and material through a simple interface. In order to meet your unique requirements for engaging with the audience, whether they be your clients, partners, or workers, Riebens can assist you in creating a web portal of any form.

Self-service portals

We compile data on the goods or services your business offers, and we give registered users access to request the data, activate, deactivate, and schedule services, speak with company personnel, and solve problems.

Customer portals

We develop a digital environment where your customers may access your goods, make online purchases, sign up for services, request maintenance, and interact with you and other users.

Employee portals

We set up a secure portal so that your staff members may request and manage services connected to HR, IT, and facilities, access structured company data, collaborate, and keep informed about business events.

Patient portals

We let your patients schedule their own appointments and receive telehealth visits while also giving them secure access to their personal health information (PHI).

B2B portals

We provide digital support for all business-to-business procedures, including trade, purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution.

eCommerce portals

We can integrate an e-commerce portal into an omnichannel retail environment and design intuitive purchasing experiences for both company and individual customers.

Vendor portals

We enhance both manufacturers’ and non-manufacturers’ procurement procedures (banks, education establishments, government institutions).

Sales portals

Your sales representatives and business partners get access to sales materials in a place we put up for them (case studies, white papers, product specifications, etc.).

eLearning portals

For corporate training initiatives and for-profit training providers, we build portals.

Community portals

Through discussion forums, blogs, chat rooms, and other forms of communication, we bring together people who share common interests and encourage them to learn new things and share their experiences.

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