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Supply Chain Management

With the use of efficient SCM software and Supply Chain technology, supply chain management (SCM) consulting services strive to assist businesses in driving improvements across their supply chain processes and innovating their business operations.

Benefits of Digital Supply Chain Management

Higher level

of resource use (labour, transportation, etc.)

Increased efficiency

of risk management actions and increased visibility into a longer supply chain

Improved forecasting

of demand accuracy

Streamlined sales order fulfillment

Improved inventory planning

accuracy and lower inventory carrying costs

Improved supplier collaboration

SCM Solutions From Riebens

Order management

• Processing orders for multichannel sales centrally.

• Automated delivery of orders to the best fulfilment location.

• Support for a variety of order fulfilment options (ship-from-store, same-day delivery, etc.).

• Return management.

Logistics management

• Cargo tracking.

• Case management for car accidents (accident notifications and reports, repair request issuing and routing, etc.).

• IoT connectivity to track the state of the product while it is being transported.

• Creating and improving route schedules.

Inventory and warehouse management

• Tracking of lots and serial numbers.

• Tracking inventory amounts and locations (with barcode or RFID technology).

• Calculation of the ideal safety stock.

• Monitoring of shelf life and expiration dates.

Procurement management

• Collaboration tools for ordering and supplier discussions.

• Purchase orders, RFxs, and buy requisitions can be quickly created using templates.

• Establishing and maintaining preferred supplier lists.

• Buy order and purchase requisition approval processes that are automated.

• Automatically matching three ways (purchase orders, order receipts, and supplier invoices are cross-compared to reveal inconsistencies if any).

Supplier relationship management

• Analytics of supplier performance and continual compliance inspections.

• Quick sourcing event construction using templates (e-tenders, e-auctions).

• Pre-qualification of suppliers using analytics (financial viability, technical capabilities, ethical business processes, etc.).

• Choosing and nominating suppliers in cooperation with internal teams.

• Supplier portal for enhanced capacity planning (via supplier collaboration), etc.

• Automatic reminders to update expiring data for suppliers (accreditations, certifications).

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