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As the business world is constantly changing, developing, and evolving, businesses are becoming more aware of all technological changes and are adapting so they don’t fall behind in the competition.

Business owners are eager for more robust, more efficient, and more productive solutions.

Riebens make it possible for businesses to have their own tailored software to help with workflow, customer management, data management, and any other software related solutions they might need.

Why is software development services for businesses important?


Data will be digitized, connected, and stored online, saving space and making it easier for people in need to access. Additionally, it’s simple to protect your data from prying eyes.


Riebens make it possible for businesses to have their own tailored software to help with workflow, customer management, data management, and any other software related solutions they might need.


Custom software development services and the release of more creative and feature-rich products onto the market may both enhance customer pleasure and experience.

Data Analysis

For data analysis, software development is also necessary. Companies can track consumer trends by using the data produced by routine company operations in conjunction with the right tools.

Safe Storage

The quantity of data that is available rises as a firm expands, making safe data storage more important. For individuals who depend on this information, businesses must continue to provide continuous performance through building and improving digital organizations.

Riebens’ Software Development Life Cycle

Riebens has adopted an Iterative software development life cycle (SDLC). This adoption comes with more than 30 years experience in the software development market.

The Iterative SDLC has helped Riebens to reduce waste of resources, and increase the efficiency of the development process. This in turn ensures the project stays on track, and continues to be a feasible investment for the company.

The Four Phases of the Iterative SDLC

Riebens’ software development services

Custom Application Development

Riebens builds custom solutions from scratch, ensuring their seamless integration with existing systems.

Riebens will design, create, deploy and maintain software for the needs of your business. These specific set of needs may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • a field service equipment upkeep plan for a producer or,
  • an online banking application created to meet the specific needs of the bank and its clients.

Riebens handle all custom software development in-house, with NO outsourcing to a third-parties.

Application administration, application modernisation, and application customisation are tasks related to the creation of bespoke software.

Keys associated with effective custom developed software:

  • Support or automate unique business processes and transactions
  • Handle information and data specific to an industry or line of business
  • Meet unique privacy or security requirements
  • Facilitate integration with legacy applications and data
  • Replace or help consolidate existing solutions at lower cost
  • Replace or help consolidate existing solutions to achieve greater productivity
  • Enable new opportunities or improve competitive advantage
  • Grow and adapt to changing requirements.

Keys associated with effective custom developed software:

  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Lower integration costs
  • Profitability
  • Independence

Dedicated Software Developers

For ease of scalability, shortened time-to-market, and increased return on investment, Riebens provides on-demand software developers working in a range of technologies.

We are able to establish a long-term partnership between a product owner and our company thanks to a committed software development team.

Why having a dedicated team is advantageous:


You as a customer have access to the time tracking and task management tools used by dedicated teams. It offers openness and makes it possible to monitor development. Transparent cooperation is also facilitated by communication tools like Skype.

Cost Efficiency

Costs of hiring a dedicated development team are lower than building your own development team. No waste of time hiring IT specialists, and no added expenses like equipment, office space and so on.

Faster Development

The efficiency of committed teams is a key benefit. Their track record with similar projects and capacity for change management can have a significant impact on the workflow’s speed.

Focused Approach

Without any possible interruptions, the whole team gives your project their undivided attention. The team can also be reorganized as necessary, depending on the needs. The project will be finished more quickly because of this flexibility.

Maintenance & Management

By embracing and adapting to shifting business requirements, Riebens helps your software solutions remain useful. We also provide assistance with proactive performance and safety optimization measures.

The cycle of updating software never ends. Even though we didn’t create the software, Riebens will continue to maintain, support, enhance, and grow it.

Why are software support and maintenance vital?

Better Performance

Predictive cash flow

To accommodate a shifting environment

Bug Fixing

The two things that keep your software solution healthy are software maintenance and software support services. Therefore, having a seasoned IT partner who offers you authorized and dependable maintenance management is crucial. At Riebens, we value agility, and our clients benefit from the most accurate use of technology because of our technological philosophy. 

We thrive in providing solutions that are affordable, adaptable, and configurable.

Testing & QA Services

Using cutting-edge test frameworks and technologies, Riebens provide full testing and QA services, including manual, automated, performance, and security testing.

Riebens utilizes the quality assurance (QA) testing process to make sure our goods and services adhere to the necessary rules and guidelines. QA testing is a collection of strategies used by Riebens to avoid problems and guarantee that our completed products please customers.

The four stages of QA testing process:


Creating sensible tests that take standards and possible problems into account


Performing tests in a variety of conditions


Assessing the product and looking for ways to make it better


Addressing any vulnerabilities discovered during testing

What are the benefits of quality assurance testing?

Builds trust with customers

QA testing enables Riebens to assure that we provide our customers with excellent services and products. By utilizing this preventative method, we may demonstrate to clients, our capacity to satisfy their expectations and demands, which can help us earn their confidence and loyalty.

Reduces the likelihood of future bugs

Ensuring products and services work as designed before releasing them may help prevent defects from occurring. As a result, Riebens can spend less time providing customer assistance when addressing a defect report, which can result in cost savings.

Makes products safer

QA testing might assist Riebens in identifying and repairing risky elements that can cause mishaps. This is crucial in fields like engineering, manufacturing, and health care.

SaaS Software Products

Riebens provide complete engineering and development services for software products. Our teams coordinate your requirements and work to create scalable, high-quality solutions.

Why Are SaaS Products More Useful and Easy to Adopt?

SaaS products may help your company model’s overall expansion in a variety of ways. Here are some of the greatest examples:

  1. Accessibility

Saas products may be accessed from anywhere using a mobile device or any internet browser because they are located on cloud platforms. They become quite practical and valuable as a result.

2. Scalability

Scaling SaaS products is straightforward and only requires an update to the subscription.

3. No surprises

As a business owner, you won’t have any financial shocks because Riebens will provide you a clear picture of the costs associated with the product’s development up front.

4. Your product is in good hands

When utilizing a SaaS product, you never have to be concerned about software maintenance; on the contrary, Riebens can constantly keep the service up and operating for you.

Modernization & Migration Services

Modernize your outdated software and take use of cloud computing to increase ROI and save ongoing administration and maintenance costs.

Riebens will help organizations adapt new technologies and foster innovation by modifying or migrating current systems that are still in use but using obsolete languages.

Why Modernize & Migrate?

Reduce Security Risks

At Riebens, we’ll work with you to create built-in cloud-based security measures that are aimed at minimizing disruption risks and facilitating ongoing company operations through an automated and centralized process. This will help you increase security and lower risks.

Enhance Performance & Stability

By bridging the gap between integrating legacy systems and other IT systems, Riebens’ enterprise-aligned legacy migration & modernization services assist in overcoming legacy hurdles and improve the overall stability & performance of your system.

Minimize Cost of Care

By drastically lowering the cost of acquiring and maintaining legacy languages and development tools, Riebens’ legacy migration services help to lower the expense of looking after the underlying hardware platforms of your old system.