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Operations management software (OMS) aids in the planning, monitoring, and coordination of production or service operations, the digitization of daily tasks performed by involved employees (such as operations managers, planners, supervisors, and project managers), and the detection and elimination of operational process bottlenecks. Instead of multiple different programs that need complicated integration processes, all operational aspects are effectively controlled with OMS using a single system.

The Two Types Of OMS

Software for service operations

For businesses that prioritize services and projects and need to optimize service-related tasks and enhance the administration of human resources, projects, service requests, the supply chain, T&E, and service-related paperwork.

Software for production operations

For businesses with a focus on manufacturing that must optimize production processes and enhance administration of inventories, warehouses, personnel, labour, maintenance of machinery and equipment, and buy and sales orders.

Key Features of Service Operations Management Software

Benefits of Service Operations Management Software

Improved customer service

in terms of effectiveness, speed, and adaptability.

Full visibility

into how service operations are doing.

Reduction in time

to handle service queries and project modification requests.

Minimized risks

of projects that are late and beyond budget.

Streamlined resource assignment

to new projects and service requirements.

Optimized utilization

of resources, including inventory, assets, and human resources.

Key Features of Service Operations Management Software

Benefits of Production Operations Management Software

Faster operational workflows

spanning all procedures involved in production.

Reduced operational costs

cost of labour, cost of inventory, and cost of asset upkeep.

Full visibility

into how service operations are doing.

Guaranteed regulatory compliance

of production outputs.

Enhanced productivity

of workers engaged in production activities and promoted cross-team cooperation.

Minimized risks

of production operations disruption.

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