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Marketing & Advertising

Advertising planning

Plan and analyse advertising strategies for a variety of media platforms, including television, the internet, radio, print media, and outdoor advertising. Find the best advertising approach for your needs by combining all media types in one plan. Take advantage of detailed visual reports generated by complex mathematical models on a single platform.

Social marketing solutions

We create marketing tools to assist you in using social media as a tool for consumer acquisition:

• Social media marketing tools

• Social network integration with campaign applications

• Using social analytics, you can keep tabs on user behaviour and create analysis reports.

Loyalty software

By monitoring and examining what makes your customers happy, you may ensure long lasting relationships with them.

Mobile loyalty programs: give pertinent product information and personalized promotions to customers both in-store and at home.

Customer account management: track purchase history, promotion response, and more. Increase prospect interest with targeted offers.

Analytics and reporting: evaluate the ROI of loyalty programs and the effects of promotions, monitor trends in consumer behaviour, and estimate sales

Trade promotion management software

Applications for trade promotion management (TMP) give you the ability to expand your brand by:

• Controlling the execution of the agreements with merchants

• Examining sales based on information from retailers and a consumer research firm

• Examining the campaign’s outcomes, such as the volume of sent goods and promotion expenditures

• Developing promotional strategies and predicting sales volume

Marketing data analysis

Smarter marketing decisions:
Marketing campaign analysis: tracking important campaign indicators and assessing overall effectiveness 

Sales analysis: involves gathering and analysing data to determine growth potential and to enhance sales and marketing efforts.

Analysing consumer survey information: to determine the true influences on purchasing decisions

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