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Through publicly accessible kiosk devices or a kiosk system, kiosk software is created to offer particular customer service-related functions. With the help of automated interaction provided by kiosk software, customers can make payments, place orders, print photos, withdraw cash, and perform other services. In this manner, kiosks contribute to excellent user satisfaction at lower customer service expenses.

Key operational features

Touch screen input

E-signatures, on-screen keyboard input, and UI element interaction.

Physical keyboard input

Processing of data input, using standard control buttons (Ok, Cancel, Back).

Information display and media playback

Audio-video content that is either commercial, educational, or navigational (core feature of the digital signage kiosk software).

Automatic onsite printing

Generating printed tickets and receipts to verify service delivery.

Kiosk-specific service features


Travel tickets, hotel reservations, and e-queues.

Cash disbursement

Issuing money, whether as a withdrawal from a bank account or as change for a purchase (e.g., for kiosk software for banks).


Completing financial transactions by processing payments using a credit or debit card (e.g., banking kiosk software for banks).

Order placement

Selecting an item from a menu (e.g., for restaurant kiosk software).

Printing on-demand

Printing user-provided photographs (e.g., for self-service kiosk software for photo printing).

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