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With the use of reliable financial software and cutting-edge technologies like cloud, big data, and blockchain, digital financial management consulting services strive to assist businesses in driving improvements throughout corporate financial management processes and accomplish ambitious business goals.

Key Steps of Financial Management Consulting by Riebens

Through our work at Riebens, we assist businesses in bridging the gap between their high-level digital transformation strategies and their real execution. We often follow the following process flow while providing digital financial management consulting:

• Examining the need for financial management and gathering specifications for a corporate finance solution.

• Examining the strengths and prospects of the current financial software landscape.

• Creating a business case for the development or modernization of financial software.

• Defining the financial management solution’s technological requirements in detail.

• Presenting a project strategy for the modernization of old financial tools and digitization of company finance.

Additionally, we are prepared to handle the complete development and modernization of financial software, including its connection with pertinent business-critical systems, and to offer ongoing maintenance and support for the solution we give.

Financial Management Solutions Riebens Can Provide:

Financial process automation software

• Removing manual work from processes related to bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll accounting, financial analysis and planning, revenue management, tax management, investment management, and other financial risk management.

• Improving financial data accuracy.

Automated accounting software

• Eliminating accountants’ manual tasks

• Boosting accuracy in a variety of areas, including multi-entity bookkeeping, invoicing, AP and AR, cost management, multi-location inventory accounting, financial data reconciliation, and country-specific financial reporting.

Enterprise accounting software

• General ledger functions, management of taxes, payroll, payables, receivables, assets, and inventory, automatic invoicing and reconciliation, and more.

• Enhancing the efficiency of accounting procedures in large enterprises with intricate accounting requirements.

General ledger software

• Real-time financial transaction aggregation, structuring, and reconciliation across numerous business entities

• Faster financial closing and accurate recording and reporting of multi-entity financial transactions.

Accounts receivable automation software

• Elimination of manual errors across the order-to-cash cycle through management of collection methods to reduce DSO and past-due receivables.

• Automated consumer billing and real-time tracking of receivables

Automated billing system

• Automated processing of payments and tracking of invoices.

• Streamlined general-purpose and sector-specific billing (for example, for telecom, transportation, and medicine).

• Improved accuracy and speed of billing while decreasing revenue leakage.

E-invoicing software

Invoice processing automation software

• Compliance with regional, international, and industry-specific regulations.

• Automated creation, processing, exchange, and tracking of electronic invoices.

• Shorter invoice-to-pay time and lower processing and storage costs for invoices.

• Processing of invoices from beginning to end, including data collection, validation, and routing of payment and general ledger posting.

Revenue management software

• Faster revenue closing, easier revenue recognition compliance, and accurate revenue forecasting are all ensured.

• Real-time tracking of revenues, sophisticated revenue analysis, and automated revenue recognition in accordance with modern accounting principles.

Pricing software

• Price optimization using analytics to increase profitability.

• Across selling channels, automated pricing, calculating and updating.

• Ensuring price performance transparency, simplifying price segmentation, and managing discounts.

Cash management system

• Cash flow forecasting, monitoring, and reporting for businesses (including in various currencies).

• Streamlining the management of cash among numerous, including foreign, firm branches and diverse formats of bank accounts.

Treasury software

• Increasing visibility of investment and financial activities and streamlining management.

• Automating all company treasury tasks, such as managing financial risk and managing cash, investments, debt, and trade finance.

• Lowering credit, liquidity, and idle cash concerns.

Financial modeling software

• Financial scenario simulation, analysis, and forecasting of any complexity.

• Automated calculations for various financial models.

• Streamlining financial analysis and planning, and enhancing strategic activity decision-making.

• Modelling and controlling financial systems (including multi-dimensional models).

Cost control software

• Reducing budget variation and streamlining cost control.

• At the corporate, departmental, and project levels, automated cost estimation, budgeting, cost distribution, real-time cost tracking, and variance analysis

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