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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The goal of developing custom ERP software is to create a scalable, business-tailored system that combines all company administration tasks and enables data-driven decision-making. To provide you complete visibility into corporate processes, to restructure information flows, and to cut expenses, Riebens offers end-to-end ERP development and support.

Custom ERP Benefits

Custom ERP is made to offer functionality that is specifically tailored to meet the distinct operational and strategic needs of an organization. In addition to adding particular features that commercially available ERP software lack, a custom ERP provides the following advantages:

• Convenient UX and clear UI for various user roles.

• Smooth and cost-effective integration with the necessary systems, including legacy software.

• Flexibility to easily employ new features or innovative techs when your business grows or transforms.

• Compliance with all required global, country- and industry-specific regulations.

• Support for centralized or distributed (blockchain-based) data storage.

• Optimized TCO in the long run.

• Topflight security of ERP software and data it stores.

Functional ERP Modules Riebens can Develop

To automate and improve the efficiency of your workflows, we can design the following ERP modules based on your company’s demands and budget:

Document management

Document templates, simple document navigation, and central storage of many document kinds.

Knowledge management

Knowledge sharing and collaboration features are included in a centralized knowledge repository along with a strong search engine.

Human resources

Handling of HR policies and staff, including payroll, attendance, learning, and request management for employees.

Sales and marketing

The ability to create data-driven marketing campaigns, automate customer order management, communicate with customers, and track sales trends.

Finance and accounting

Accounts payable and receivable tracking, general ledger administration, and billing automation are all aspects of financial planning and analysis.

Data analytics and BI

For monitoring, analysing, and optimizing the performance of every business department, comprehensive data analysis and visualization functionality.

Project management

Tools for team collaboration, work assignment and tracking, and project planning and monitoring (instant messaging, shared file space, etc.).

Production management

Production planning, scheduling and control. For product lifecycle management and quality assurance, there may be sub-modules.

Supply chain management

Automation of sourcing and procurement, vendor management, and inventory control.

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