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Standing Desk for Programming

Posted by Benjamin Dell
Benjamin Dell
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on Friday, 21 August 2015
in Product News

I have been trying out the concept of a "standing Desk" today, and during the last 6 hours I have been pleasantly surprised.



I took my old delapidated table at the office, added a height of 370 mm to it and now stand and program.


I can feel my back straighten out and after standing for nearly 6 hours, I actually feel much better than if i was sitting down for half that time.


I also read up on the pros and cons of standing desks and one person commented that after 2 years, there is no ways he would revert back to a sitting desk.


I also feel that i am much more focused and productive, and a strange thing .. you get to your desk and you start working .... no sitting down first , adjusting chars, clothes, pens, keyboard, etc ... :)


I will see how it feels after 2 weeks and then after a month, but I have zero pains in my hips and back, except for a slight burning on my back muscles that have never been used like this, but that whould be passing by soon.


Once I am happy with the concept, I will definitely look at all the little things I learn the next month and build myself a decent, sturdy standing desk for programming.


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