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Using an Editable Combo in Windev

Posted by Benjamin Dell
Benjamin Dell
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on Tuesday, 26 March 2013
in Development Chat

Sometimes the data you receive using a combo box, does not contain what you are looking for. Instead of exiting and then adding the data to the lookup list and coming back to your original form, we will use an Editable Combo to add the data ' on the fly'.


Our database is set up to do as in the attached image below.

We create our lookup combo on the form, and make sure it's Editable.


In the CODE of the Editable combo, there is now a new embed point available (Select it from the options at the bottom) Called "Entering a new value'

In this Embed, we add the code to check for the existance of the entered value, if it does not exist, we add it, and then we select the record for display in the combo.

Hope this helps to explain how an Editable Combo is of use.

The example project can be downloaded from www.windevsa.co.za/downloads/EditCombo.zip


Kind Regards


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