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Windev 16 Setup Program Tweak

Posted by Benjamin Dell
Benjamin Dell
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on Sunday, 19 February 2012
in Development Chat

Windev/Webdev 16 has a very nice setup builder program that you can use to install your products.
It allows you to setup just about anything that windev allows you to do - HyperfileSql Setup, data modification, etc.


The second nice thing is that the source code for this setup program is available for you to tweak.

The program default that Windev uses for it's setup is located in the directory "%Windev Root%\Programs\Data" - in my instance, %Windev Root = "C:\WinDev16"


So In my C:\WinDev16\Programs\Data I have a program called "WDSETUP.exe" that is used by the Windev install builder to distribute my setup.


This program works out of the box, but it has "PcSoft" all over the interface.


To change this, you need to load the EXAMPLE program "WDSetup" located in the "%Windev Root%\Examples\Complete examples\WDSetup" directory.


I changed the background image and also removed all the references to "PcSoft" on the windows and replaced it with a name that I want.

One small tweak that MUST be performed when using this Setup Builder to install Hypersql file at a client site, is four file names that PcSoft got wrong when they changed the names of the distribution files, and forgot to change the names in this setup example.


The commented out code are the original lines of code that contain the wrong names of the zipfiles that is read at runtime on the end user computer.

The yellow highlighted names are the correct names.


At the top of the image, notice the procedure name that contains this code "WDInstallHFCS"


I hope this helps someone save a lot of searching and grief.


Kind Regards






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