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Replacing Recursive Tree (Ultratree) in Windev

Posted by Benjamin Dell
Benjamin Dell
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on Sunday, 05 February 2012
in Development Chat

One of the few controls that Clarion developers normally hold up as a major reason why they don't switch to another development environment is Ultratree.

Ultratree gives a lot of functionality, and one of these functionalities is to easily create a tree in a single table.

Now with Windev 16 and higher, you need not feel left out.


Firstly we need to define the Table.


All we really need is an ID, a name to display in the tree and a PARENTID, In the analysis we can also set up the link to maintain the parent/child relationship for us.


Table Analysis

So how does this look at runtime?


Below is an example of an implementation of a single table tree control.


Tree Control in use


To Find out what item we have selected on the tree, is as simple as three lines of code


sBranch = TreeSelect(TREE_MyName)
IF StringCount(sBranch,TAB) >= 1 THEN
sBranch = ExtractString(sBranch,1,TAB,FromEnd)


And then to get the correct file from disk



I hope this inspires someone

Kind Regards



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