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Runtime Errors

Posted by Benjamin Dell
Benjamin Dell
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on Sunday, 04 December 2011
in Development Chat

Interesting Runtime Error – but the error did not display the line that was the cause of the error, but rather the preceding wlanguage line.

I tried to add a unicode string to an Integer type field (currrency), and it works, but then I tried to multiply the unicode string by 1000

so instead of having

UnderwriterProducts.InsuredAmount = IPproduct$.Insuredamt

I had

UnderwriterProducts.InsuredAmount = IPproduct$.Insuredamt * 1000

and the compiler was fine with it, but at runtime I got an error .. not on this line, but on

ValCompKey2 is string
ValCompKey2 = HBuildKeyValue(Under…
IF NOT HFound(UnderwriterProducts) THEN

UnderwriterProducts.InsuredAmount = IPproduct$.Insuredamt * 1000

I changed the code to read

nLcAmount = IPproduct$.Insuredamt
UnderwriterProducts.InsuredAmount = nLcAmount * 1000

and the error at runtime disappears.

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