Simpay Professional 

Simple Payslip Generator allows you to easily create payslips for employees without the hassles associated with a full blown payroll system.

Create payslips from default payslip data and generate payslips for employees from multiple employers in a single batch. Custom reports for employee pay analysis and setup and tracking of custom income and deduction codes. (Can also use SARS codes for income and deduction tracking)

Optimised for use by South African employers.

Simpay Professional is designed to be the easiest pay slip generator program available today for South African professionals and small businesses.

Some of the new features are the analysis , reports and Reports Editor, the grouping of income and deduction codes and the integrated Support and Upgrading features.

Simpay Professional allows you to create "generic" pay slip information for employees and then quickly produce pay slips per month.

Pay slip information can be analised per employee or per income or deduction code, and you can even produce payslips for employees that do not form part of your company.

The Report Editor, allows you to modify the layout of your payslips and other reports in the Simpay Professional System.